I am not sure if I should do something else not that experienced with linux audio. What firmware upgrade are you talking about? Hi Daniel, I notice that I cannot help you without enough logs with which I can realize what happens. Hello I’m a newbie with Linux wasted years with Windows. I’ll provide any logs or output that you would find useful. October 9th, 3.

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For this issue, please see ‘2.

Call for testing (final): ALSA driver for some firewire devices

Needs firmware upload after being switched on. Here’s how yo upload firmware to the device anyway: Originally Posted by fatwilly6. I’m not sure exactly which version it is because I am away from my PC at the moment, but knowing the overlay it should be a later one.

Should I use the alsa or firewire driver in qjackctl?


Free forum by Nabble. I installed the modules with dkms.

Takashi Sakamoto wrote Hi Matt, May 05 Fireiwre 9th, 3. Insight into how to configure jackd properly would be much appreciated. FW Audiophile Bootloader On the rare occasion that I bump the cable, the connection with the device is lost.

Consider this device experimental. Audiophioe it the right way religiously, everytime. I tried to upload the firmware, but I got this: The flying faders jumped as soon as I properly connected system: At first, I want to confirm which revision of codes you use.

So this may be a final call. Both those interfaces have never given me a problem with Linux, so I suspect a clever layering of ffado and ice drivers could bring it all audiophilee. Results 1 to 10 of ALSA driver for some firewire devices. Attached is the debug file captured with the following: BCD parsing failed Failed to download firmware no message buffer overruns.

FireWire Audiophile

It’s based on r Then it says it doesn’t know what I’m on about. AvDevice NodeID 0 How do you upload the firmware? Thanks for your input so far I’ve used google and searched for advice and I’m starting feel exhausted. I cannot read Spanish language So in this time, ffado-mixer works fine.


[ubuntu] M-Audio Audiophile Firewire External problems . . .

Also, I’m wondering when the firmware is once uploaded to Audiophile with ffado-bridgeco-downloader, should it remain like that? Number of channels command failed send oops send oops. October 9th, 4.