I haven’t checked, but I presume that the Ubuntu kernel is not precisely the same as the official kernel source code. I will try and read up a bit on how that’s done this weekend, but I suspect it won’t be easy for a novice like me. The problem is, ive to do my project in the Linux environment, where i need Internet connection, as must. The question is whether for those that would have a board with one of those enabled, whether it gets enabled for the forcedeth as well. Im new to this launchpad.

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Okay, tell you what: How about you chaps ship that as the default kernel parameter for that module?

And are there some that get 1 for one if them with the driver making use of that. Does someone care to try the Hardy kernel at http: Nominated for Hardy by saads.

I tried to make this run every time I log in This is is stored in a plain text file in my documents folder but after sudo su I need to type in my password, So it doesn’t work! May 31st, 1.


nForce Driver Version 15.51 for MCP55

I’m sorry to hear you are going back to Windows. But the workaround does not work for me! Mcp555 a very serious problem, at least to me, and if someone can help please ncp55 it. Here is my dmesg grep forcedeth: Is your mcp55 nvidia ethernet working on hardy? May 31st, 3. Based on the last comment and the previous ones that indicated this has been improved in 2.

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nVidia MCP55 Ethernet – Sinodun Internet Technologies Ltd

hetwork I’ve tried the Ubuntu Gusty Gibbon Tribe 5 live disc x86 and the netboot variant x86 too, netboot worked fine. Which would make me think the following should prevent NM from doing anything:. I have to add an old networking card to access updates etc. Now I’m on 2. Also tested with 32bit.

I have similar problem, with Asus Motherboard, and have been trying to fix it for so long. Ethernet nVidia MCP55 not working [ gutsy, hardy]. Plz do help me ASAP. As few people has mentioned in the forum, its really annoying to fix this problem. In this case, I cannot guarentee that disabling MSI for all cases won’t cause regressions.


Ubuntu Manpage: nfe — NVIDIA nForce MCP Ethernet driver

This bug does not qualify for an SRU fix. Disabling MSI will most certainly cause performance regressions on already working platforms. Without blowing smoke, I couldn’t tell you if Intrepid will fix this issue. I upgraded my kernel to the upstream Linus-Torvalds- official 2.

I have no idea what could be the issue here Hello friends, Im new to this launchpad.

Sinodun Internet Technologies Ltd

I was having problems with large data transfers. Email me about changes to this bug report. It finds that I have ethernet device and what model but cannot communicate through it. One driver leaves or sets a device into a state the other cannot or accidentally does not handle well.