Some Bluetooth adapters are not compatible with MotioninJoy drivers. MotioninJoy replaces bluetooth adapter’s drivers by special ones to be able to operate with different game controllers including PS Move. Distributed Computing – General. You should no longer have to load a driver every time you log in in order to get your PS3 controller to work with your games! If you only need bluetooth for the controllers and nothing else eg. My keyboard did at least.

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To resolve this issue starting from version 2. Dualshock3 over bluetooth Community. If not, then I recommend checking Device Manager.

How can I configure the PS3 remote to be a second controller, to enable me to play 2 player games? I just need a way to tell windows to shut up and not mess with the bluetooth. Not everybody likes the feel and layout of the clunky controller. Distributed Computing – General. I reckon that windows is messing up the bluetooth config but i’m not sure how to stop it or even if that is the problem.


Apple does innovate, but gets pissed when others innovate from bluehooth innovations Member Jul 29, Could it be how windows is handling Bluetooth is it is happening with more than one application. Feb 17, 6, 0 0 CT www.

Bluetookth Dont work after Install SCP driver!

Use the scarlet crush ones provided in the OP’s link. There is a reason why, it fits most people’s hands better than any other controller and the button layout is easy to learn.

As a result the second line should appear in the table:. Noticing BroForce is on the Steam Sale and with recently playing Metal Slug 3, I realized I can’t keep playing these games with keyboard so I checked if I removed motioninjoy and didn’t and when I tried, that was what I got. Mar 7, 0 0 Germany.

Download the latest version of Motion in Joy setup package from the following page: For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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Motion in Joy Installation

This is so annoying!!! Quote message in reply? Do you mean the wireless adapter energy saving options? I had a nightmare uninstalling these drivers too, all so I could play mortal kombat komplete with a decent dpad.


how do you delete motioninjoy drivers

Another way is to look in the motion joy folder, the drivers are there in a folder called drivers ; and you can install them properly through device manager. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

I had two bluetooth dongles and using this overwrote the driver for both devices I mottioninjoy the main one disconnected when I installed as well. It probably is stupid windows. BBboy20 Member Jun 28, Maybe I should have charged it all the way first?

GlockZoR IV is offline. MMaRsu Member Jul 29, Mar 10, 19, 1 0.

As in, re-pair them to PS3. I was trying this tool called scpserver but same results stopped working after shutdown so its definitely windows doing something.

Seriously, nothing I’ve tried is working.