The first thing it does, is start popping up ads for you when it feels like it. You can now play driver simulation games like GTA IV, NFS, etc , action and adventure games and more like Portal 2 with this driver, you just set it up like any Windows game controller. Oct 31, 9, 0 0. I looked at the traffic from the program, and I’ve found it’s talking to servers in China for reasons unknown to me. Does anyone have any recommendations other than just a controller for a PC gamepad?

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On the pages I’ve seen, Motionihjoy found numerous people calling him out as a ” shitty indie developer “, ” the developer is, pure and simple–a complete asswipe ” and worse, and I’ve come to concur.

Using Sixaxis on your PC? Stay away from MotionInJoy | NeoGAF

It has some pretty solid PCSX2 plugins as well. Emitan Member Jan 26, I used this a long time ago to play some fucking games for windows live game Anyway, I didn’t have any issues with it. How much time is required to complete the installation procedure? Oct 18, 35, 0 0 Milky Way www. Kyoufu Member Jan 26, Compatibility with this software may vary, but will generally run fine under Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 8. A separate x64 version may be available from Motion in Joy.


IMO its a borderline virus. But I almost never use my sixaxis. But don’t you fuck with my system.

AlexBasch Member Jan 26, Some programs found something, but that might as well have been tracer cookies from Amazon as much as anything else, so I rebooted, to find the same page still popping up. There are an offline version op.

I can’t stand MotionInJoy. I always wanted to connect my Dual Shock 3 controllers with my Windows 10 PC to play my favorite games. Facebook Twitter Reddit Email Link. Jun 25, 1, 0 0. This isn’t a program you pay for in any way, but the whole program looks shitty, riddled with ads and a horrible UI – I guess that should’ve been my warning sign, but I’m honestly OK with a developer using mtoioninjoy for income. On a side node, when I use my controller with MotionInJoy, it’s terrible at recognizing diagonal presses on the d-pad.

MotioninJoy is completely free to download and use. We have tested PS3 Sixaxis Driver 64bit 0.

Didn’t have problems with my Wiimotes either. I googled it, and opened a can of worms. Septimius Junior Member Jan 26, Clever Pun Member Jan 26, We have decided to release MotioninJoy for free to create a good will of our brand among you guys.


I very rarely turn off my computer, so it took some time for me to piece together that every time I did, when I logged in after the reboot, Firefox would pop up with some site talking about learning Chinese online. Shadow Member Jan 26, But the mktioninjoy I did didn’t give me access to the full functionality of the controller, so I set out to find a program or motioninjou that would, and I found MotionInJoy.

MotioninJoy – Download MotioninJoy Application For Free

MotioninJoy is a quick to install driver. I didn’t have the problems you had, but I always hated the UI, it’s completely terrible. Does anyone have any recommendations other than just a controller for a PC gamepad? Sep 11, 11, 0 0. Pie and Beans said: I have started using Motioninjoy since 1 year now and motioninjooy has made it possible for me to play PS3 games and stream movies on my PC at the same time.