The tiny pictures needed for tracking simply come out poorly. Are you unable to install the Logitech mouse software that provides that functionality? Logitech MX replacement mouse? My weapon of choice has been the Logitech Dual Optical since it was released. Nevarre Ars Legatus Legionis Tribus: Not having a Vista driver is pretty weaksauce, considering how trivial it should be to add support for that one model. You can just pick whatever feels best.

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Again, with the mouse on my pad I didn’t encounter any tracking errors, slowdown, or general inaccuracies.

Mon May 14, 5: Ars Legatus Legionis et Subscriptor. Initially I thought this was overkill, as I couldn’t think of eight commands that I’d want on my mouse. The forward button is about half the size of the other.

Logitech Mx500 Optical Mouse MX 500

However, not all of the buttons are recognized in games. Every day I use PhotoShop and play a few games, though I’ve been slacking in the second area over the last few weeks.


Login to Give a bone. Apr 13, Posts: I have iptical looked at the “Mouse middle button wheel playing you up” thread, and nothing in there helped.

I would also have preferred a smoother scroll wheel. Yes, the middle button works properly in other applications. Mbuttonpan is set to 1. If you thought the Dual Optical was a nice model, then you’ll flip your lid over the MX I know there are much better mice now, but they were still in retail right up until about the launch of Vista.

Just draw one straw and array it. It’s subtle but very effective.

Logitech Mx Optical Mouse | eBay

The family includes three members: The rest are set up for right hand use. Thanks to a greatly improved optical system, the MX performs better potical the Dual Optical, despite its single eye system. And after seeing some of the new peripherals it was hard to deny that the design work was outstanding. The list of commands is staggering — Mac users can even set a button up to shut down the system — but I came up with the perfect system:.


This new function allows you to quickly cycle through open apps. I know there are a few specialty gaming mice on the market that employ the old ball-and-rollers design, but those companies are just being nostalgic.

Logitech MX500 Optical Mouse – VS9307630403

The surface splits in two toward the front and, voila, you have left and right “buttons. My weapon of choice has been the Logitech Dual Optical since it was released.

The new version has a much stiffer feel, with much stiffer click. I really didn’t think a comparable, much less superior, mouse would hit the streets for some time. Does the button work correctly in other application? Wed May 09, Results 1 to 7 of 7. Are you using uberOptions? You can just pick whatever feels best. Kryten Ars Centurion Tribus: Mouse middle button wheel playing you up Have a good one, Mike.